Our selective range of Patio doors combine both superior looks and unbreakable security

Patio doors open up the space inside your home giving you a full view of your garden and are a perfect choice for conservatories, balconies, extensions or porches.

Sliding patio doors are an ideal solution where space is a consideration ensuring the maximum amount of space is available both outside and inside the property.

You don’t need to worry that a larger expanse of glass will mean your home loses heat or is less secure. All Patio Doors supplied by Right Choice Homes are double-glazed and fully sealed to keep your home warm and minimise draughts.

Our market leading technology enables us to provide sliding patio doors as efficient as up to 0.8 W/m2k U-value. This will not only help you to save up on your heating bills, but also will make your house quieter.

Right Choice Homes UK Patio Doors

Key Features

  • Slide to open saves vast amount of space

  • Easy to clean, virtually maintenance free

  • Available in white and foiled colours

  • Made to Size

  • Left to right and right to left sliding options available

Right Choice Homes UK Patio Doors

Wide Choice of colour finishes including Dual colour.