Replacing the door to your home is not only about the first impression it makes on your visitors, it is also about the security it gives your home.

With our vast range PVCu doors and the ever increasing popularity of composite doors, there will be plenty of designs to choose from as well as increased security from unwanted guests in your home.

Composite Doors

The great thing about a composite door is that it’s made from a wide variety of materials in order to benefit from the strengths of each.

As you can imagine, this has several advantages: a combination of different materials makes a door extremely robust and very difficult for an intruder to force their way through.

Right Choice Homes UK Composite Doors

Patio Doors

A sliding patio door is an ideal solution for someone who does not want to compromise on functionality and looks. The way patio doors open ensures maximum amount of space is available outside and inside the property.

Right Choice Homes UK Patio Doors

French Doors

If you’re lucky enough to have a fantastic back garden there’s no better way to enjoy it than being able to make the most of it with a set of French doors opening right onto it.

Right Choice Homes UK French Doors

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